Healing & Pain Relief Crystal Bundles for Kids: Healing Properties

Increase and assist in your child’s healing as while as provide them with pain relief.

The crystals within this bundle were selected for their healing properties of radiating increased healing and pain relief. Great for putting in your child’s bedroom, stroller, or any place you would like healing and pain relief.

Each Crystal Bundle for Kids bundle comes in a different cloth pattern so you can tell bundles apart if using multiple ones at once. The actual crystals are sewn shut in an organza pouch and then placed within the fabric bag that is completely closed for safety purposes. The fabric bag is packaged with a beautiful tag stating the crystal healing properties focus.

If purchasing for someone else, the packaging is perfect as is for a thoughtful gift.

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Crystals and healing properties within the Healing & Pain Relief Crystal Bundle for Kids include:

bule kyanite - natural

Blue Kyanite:

Healing Properties: Cheerfulness, communication, connecting with nature, dependability, direction, effervescent, empathy, enhances telepathy / lucid dreaming / astral travel / psychic ability / energy transfer, forgiveness, healing to the brain, heals blockages in the energetic field, heals separation / gaps / blocks, inner bridges, letting go, mood elevator, past-life recall, patience, reconcile differences, self-expression, and starting over.


Affirmation:  I stand straight and I look high.


Chakras: All, especially third eye and heart


Healing Properties: Absorbs and neutralizes the negative energies, anxiety relief, awareness of life purpose, balancing brain chemistry, blessings, bliss, calming, energy cleansing, enhances learning, flow of positive energy, focus, gratitude, happiness, harmony, healing, improved decision-making, joy, mental clarity, mental enhancement, peace, physical pain relief, positivity, protects teeth / bones / immune system, rejuvenation, stability, stimulates the brain, structure, tranquility, and wishes.


Affirmation: I am free of all negative energies. My mind and heart are awake, alert, clear and active, working in unison to make the optimal choices for my life purpose.


Chakras: All

fluorite - natural
rose quartz - natural

Rose Quartz:

Healing Properties: Beauty, calming, compassion, emotional balance and healing, emotional healing, forgiveness, gentleness, kindness, manifest love, nurturing, open to receiving and sharing love, positivity, soothing, and unconditional love.


Affirmation: I open my heart to all types of love. I love and nurture the unique being that I am, I honor my soul.


Chakra: Heart


Healing Properties: Aligns chakras, calming, cleansing, clearing, communication with the higher self, deep peace, dispels all negative energy from your system, energy healing and light work, heal auric field, healing, light, “liquid light”, meditation, mental clarity, pain relief, physical healing, protecting, protection, purify, removes negative energy, restructure and regenerate cells, shielding, spirit guides and angels, spiritual activation, and unblocks stagnant or stuck energy creating a healthy flow of energy throughout one’s body.


Affirmation: I am awake to the possibilities of infinite space and time. Divine understanding flows through me and radiates outwards to all I meet. Through meditation I open myself to higher guidance.


Chakras: Third eye, crown, and soul star

selenite wand
Shungite - natural


Healing Properties: Balance, boosts immune system, calming, cleansing, detoxing, digital detox, eliminates toxins / bacteria / viruses / free radicals, EMF protection, energizing, grounding, healing, protection, purification, restful sleep, stabilizing, and transmutes negative emotions into positive energy.


Affirmation: I am healed, energized and protected. I respect the sacredness of my body.


Chakras: All