High Vibrational Enhancement & Protection Crystal Bundle: Healing Properties

Protect your higher vibrational self! Increase your vibration and enhance your natural psychic, mediumship, telepathic and other high vibrational abilities.

The crystals within this bundle were selected for their healing properties of increasing and maintaining a high vibration as well as protection from those who resonate at a high vibration. This crystal bundle will enhance natural psychic, mediumship, telepathic and other high vibrational abilities.

Great for putting on your alter, nightstand, living room, office or in any space high vibrational enhancement and protection is desired.

Please note that most crystals within this bundle are high vibrational crystals and are not for everyone. If you are new to higher vibrational crystals, please be aware that you may feel better initial having them within your space for short amounts of time.

The crystal bundle comes packaged in an organza bag with a beautiful tag stating the focused healing properties. If purchasing for someone else, the packaging is perfect as is for a thoughtful gift.

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Crystals and healing properties within the High Vibrational Enhancement & Protection crystal bundle include:

amethyst - crystal points


Healing Properties: Clarity, divine connection, facilitates meditation, harmony, intuition, peace, protection, psychic ability, purification, relaxation, release of addictions, removes negative energy, spirituality, sweet dreams, tranquility, and trust.


Affirmation: I trust in the higher purpose of my journey. I am a spiritual being. I radiate positive energy.


Chakras: Third Eye, crown, and etheric

Blue Apatite:

Healing Properties: Access to knowledge, ambition, balance, communication, creativity, health, inspiration, motivation, openness, passion, power, psychic activation, self-expression, uplifting, and weight loss.


Affirmation: I am inspired and motivated. I open my inner eyes to the realms of hidden knowledge.


Chakras: Throat and third eye

Blue Apatite - natural
bule kyanite - natural

Blue Kyanite:

Healing Properties: Cheerfulness, communication, connecting with nature, dependability, direction, effervescent, empathy, enhances telepathy / lucid dreaming / astral travel / psychic ability / energy transfer, forgiveness, healing to the brain, heals blockages in the energetic field, heals separation / gaps / blocks, inner bridges, letting go, mood elevator, past-life recall, patience, reconcile differences, self-expression, and starting over.


Affirmation: I stand straight and I look high.


Chakras: All, especially third eye and heart

Golden Rutilated Quartz:

Healing Properties: Alignment of the mind and body, amplifies your thoughts, attunement of Devine purpose, calming, clears and energizes all of the chakras, connection with spiritual realm and your angels, creativity, enhances psychic abilities, filters negative energy, healing, illuminates the soul, joy, magnifies the energies of any other gemstones that are in contact with it, manifestation, motivation, physical healing, psychic abilities, removes barriers to spiritual growth, self-forgiveness, slows the effects of aging, speed up healing of injuries, uplifting, and willpower.


Affirmation: All my positive intentions and the unfolding of my purpose are magnified, accelerated, attuned to the frequency of grace and are in harmony with Divine purpose.


Chakras: All

Golden Rutilated Quartz - tumbled
Labradorite - natural


Healing Properties: Awareness of soul purpose, awareness, clears and opens chakras, confidence, connection to the Divine, destiny, energetic shield, energy flow, illumination, intuition, light, magic, manifestation of serendipity and synchronicity, meditation, protection, protects your aura, purification, strengthens your personal energy, and uncovers your destiny and life purpose.


Affirmation: I know my purpose and can achieve my dreams. I trust the magic in my life.


Chakras: All

Orange Kyanite:

Healing Properties: Aura cleansing, clairsentience, communication, confidence, connecting with inner child, creativity, eases depression, self-esteem, trust in one’s intuition, and visualization.


Affirmation: I joyfully embrace my playful inner child.


Chakras: All, especially sacral

Orange Kyanite
rainbow moonstone - natural

Rainbow Moonstone:

Healing Properties: Calming, cleansing, connects with one’s deep intuition and psychic awareness, destiny, dreams, happiness, healing, insight, intuition, letting go, miracles, mystery, new beginnings, nurturing, purge deep negative emotions, security, self-discovery, stabilizes hormones, surrender, and the Goddess.


Affirmation: I respect and stay in tune with life cycles. I break free from my past and travel the positive path that I see ahead.


Chakras: Third eye and crown


Healing Properties: Aligns chakras, calming, cleansing, clearing, communication with the higher self, deep peace, dispels all negative energy from your system, energy healing and light work, heal auric field, healing, light, “liquid light”, meditation, mental clarity, pain relief, physical healing, protecting, protection, purify, removes negative energy, restructure and regenerate cells, shielding, spirit guides and angels, spiritual activation, and unblocks stagnant or stuck energy creating a healthy flow of energy throughout one’s body.


Affirmation: I am awake to the possibilities of infinite space and time. Divine understanding flows through me and radiates outwards to all I meet. Through meditation I open myself to higher guidance.


Chakras: Third eye, crown, and soul star

selenite wand