Safe Traveler Pocket Crystal Bundle: Healing Properties

Travel safely, calmly, and protected from all the energy, people, environments, and situations placed along your path when traveling.

The crystals within this bundle were selected for their healing properties of radiating safe travels, smooth travels, and protection from your surrounding environments, people, and energies while traveling. This pocket crystal bundle is designed to be portable and easily taken with you in your pocket, purse, carryon, etc.

The pocket crystal bundle comes packaged in a small organza pouch making it easy to carry your crystals with you. The bundle also contains a card with a beautiful mandala stating the focus.

If purchasing for someone else, the packaging is perfect as is for a thoughtful gift.

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Crystals and healing properties within the Safe Traveler Pocket Crystal Bundle include:

Blue Chalcedony Agate - tumbled

Blue Chalcedony Agate:

Healing Properties: Absorbs negative energy, balance, calming, communication, generosity, happiness, harmony, inner wisdom, joy, kindness, meditation, nurturing, peace, personal truth, protection during travel, public speaking, quieting of mind chatter, self-esteem, self-expression, stability, and thoughtful speaking/words.


Affirmation: I surround myself and others with joy and comfort.


Chakra: Throat

Green Kyanite:

Healing Properties: Aid in repairing damaged relationships, aligns all the chakras, allows for entrance into the realm of Nature Spirits and Devas, assists in working through disagreements and disputes, authentic self-expression, awareness of life purpose / fulfilling career, break harmful patterns, bridges gaps, bridges gaps in all communication efforts, calming, clarity of one’s needs and emotions, cleansing, clearing of negative energy, connection, connection to nature, connect with the truth of the heart, creates new energy flow, deep meditation, dispels blockages, empowerment, grounds spiritual energy, healing, heals damage to brain, high vibration, inspires loyalty and fair treatment to others, nurtures growth and development, opening the mind centers, provides a link for transmitting or receiving healing energy, psychic abilities, renewal, safety in travel, speaking one’s truth, spiritual growth, strength, telepathy, and tranquility.


Affirmation: My heart hears the truth.


Chakras: All

green kyanite - natural
Lepidolite - tumbled


Healing Properties: Awareness, balance, beauty, calming, comfort, emotional healing and balance, forgiveness, harmony,  peace, purification, relaxation, relaxes the mind, restful sleep, safety, serenity, soothing, stability, stabilizing, stress relief, sweet dreams, tranquility, and transformation.


Affirmation: Every breath I inhale calms me and every breath I exhale takes away tension. I let go of all worries and embrace life with joy.


Chakras: All, especially heart and third eye


Healing Properties: Balance, boosts immune system, calming, cleansing, detoxing, digital detox, eliminates toxins / bacteria / viruses / free radicals, EMF protection, energizing, grounding, healing, protection, purification, restful sleep, stabilizing, and transmutes negative emotions into positive energy.


Affirmation: I am healed, energized and protected. I respect the sacredness of my body.


Chakras: All

Shungite - natural