Shielding & Protection Pocket Crystal Bundle: Healing Properties

Surround yourself with a shielding and protective bubble of white light!

The crystals within this bundle were selected for their healing properties of radiating shielding and protection to your energy fields and space from your surrounding environments, people, and lower vibrational energies. This pocket crystal bundle is designed to be portable and easily taken with you in your pocket, purse, car, etc.

The pocket crystal bundle comes packaged in a small organza pouch making it easy to carry your crystals with you. The bundle also contains a card with a beautiful mandala stating the focused healing properties.

If purchasing for someone else, the packaging is perfect as is for a thoughtful gift.

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Crystals and healing properties within the Shielding & Protection Pocket Crystal Bundle include:

amethyst - tumbled


Healing Properties: Clarity, divine connection, facilitates meditation, harmony, intuition, peace, protection, psychic ability, purification, relaxation, release of addictions, removes negative energy, spirituality, sweet dreams, tranquility, and trust.


Affirmation: I trust in the higher purpose of my journey. I am a spiritual being. I radiate positive energy.


Chakras: Third Eye, crown, and etheric

Black Onyx:

Healing Properties: Calm, discipline, focus, grounding, inner strength, physical strength, protection, reason, release, self-mastery, vitality, and willpower.


Affirmation: I work on all my chosen tasks with clear focus, strong discipline, unrelenting perseverance and high efficiency.


Chakras: Base, solar plexus, and third eye

black onyx - tumbled
black tourmaline - smaller

Black Tourmaline:

Healing Properties: Boundaries, calming, grounding, protection, purification, removes negative energy, security, and shielding.


Affirmation: When I am grounded I feel protected and safe.


Chakra: Base


Healing Properties: Balance, boosts immune system, calming, cleansing, detoxing, digital detox, eliminates toxins / bacteria / viruses / free radicals, EMF protection, energizing, grounding, healing, protection, purification, restful sleep, stabilizing, and transmutes negative emotions into positive energy.


Affirmation: I am healed, energized and protected. I respect the sacredness of my body.


Chakras: All

Shungite - natural