Reiki Healing Session


Meditative Reiki Healing session details (cost Adult $115 USD / Children 13 yrs old and under $77):

Receive a Meditative Reiki Healing treatment through chakra clearing, balancing and energizing while Betsy Sharp is a conduit of Light / Source. She will be guided by healing masters, guides, and angels to remove what no longer serves you and will then fill you with Light as well as energize and activate your chakras. Sessions are healing for emotional and physical challenges and clear energy that has collected in your auric field from surrounding and others. Sessions include a consultation before and after to customize your treatment, meet your needs, and have an awareness of your current energetic state. In-person sessions include the use of healing crystals if desired. Adult sessions are 75 minutes and children session are 50 minutes.

Please wear comfortable attire for your session so you can fully relax. For best results, 24 hours before your session refrain from drinking alcohol or using recreational drugs. After your session, plan to take some extra time to rest and relax. Refrain from drinking alcohol or using recreational drugs for at least 3-5 days after.

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Meditative Reiki Healing has been known to heal the following:

  • Physical: Migraines, headaches, muscle pain, joint pain, old/new injuries, tension, digestion problems, colds, fatigue, weak immune system
  • Mental: Insomnia, anxiety, stress, worry, lack of focus, negative thinking, nervousness, PTSD, negative beliefs, insecurities, indecisiveness, unmotivated, foggy-brained
  • Emotional: Depression, anxiety, grief, sexual abuse, anger, regret, stress, guilt, relationship problems, resentment, jealousy, difficulty giving and receiving love, lack of self-love, insecure, tired, difficulty expressing emotions, extreme mood swings, frustrated, shameful, unforgiving, difficulty with family, low self-esteem, guarded, feel controlled
  • Spiritual: Lack of faith, lack of purpose, blocked intuition, not grounded, not present and awareness, lack of passion, blocked creativity, blocked vision, lack of meaning in life, lack of connection to nature, lack of enthusiasm and excitement, unbalanced, uninspired, hopeless, confused

What does “Reiki” mean?

Reiki is a Japanese word. In English, "Rei" means Universal Life and "ki" translates to the word Energy. The term “Universal Life Energy” is utilized all around the world. For example, some people might be more familiar with the words Chi, Prana, or Holy Spirit.

Universal Life Energy refers to the subtle energies that are within all life. It is an invisible energy that keeps everything alive, growing and interconnected in and around our bodies, plants, animals, the water, our planet, air, and the Universes. This Higher Power is difficult to fully understand for many reasons; nevertheless, every living thing in our Universe has Life Energy inside of it and is swimming in an ocean of this invisible Universal Life Energy.

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Next Steps...

Contact Betsy to briefly review her services and discuss if a Meditative Reiki Healing Session would be beneficial to you.