Sharp Wellness offers Biofield Tuning Wellness Sessions, Crystal Light Therapy Sessions, Energy Work Wellness Sessions, Mediumship Readings, Wellness Therapy Sessions, and a Life Mentorship Program that utilizes Betsy Sharp’s Lightworker gifts.

Betsy is a healer, Medical Medium, and Medium who offers sessions of energy healing and guidance from Spirit to assist through emotional and physical challenges in life, achieve goals, manifest desires, attain awareness of soul purpose, release what does not serve and stand in your power.

Betsy has all of the clair senses and was born with the gifts of Medical Mediumship, Mediumship and receiving healing messages of guidance for others from Spirit. The main ways that she receives messages are through her clair abilities of claircognizance (clear knowing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairsentience (clear physical feeling), and clairempathy (clear emotional feeling).

Betsy has a Biochemistry / Biotechnology & Molecular Biology degree with a minor in Animal Science from Michigan State University. She is also a certified Spiritual Medium through the James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts and is certified in Level 3 Meditative Reiki Healing through The Human Wifi. Betsy continues to keep up on the growing knowledge of metaphysics, spirituality, and science. She regularly takes part in conferences, classes, retreats, and spiritual pilgrimages to enhance her natural gifts and abilities as well as continually gain further knowledge to serve others at her highest and best.

The purpose of the Wellness Sessions are for healing, balancing, strengthening, and awakening of the client's heart, mind, body, and soul, to assist them through current emotional and physical challenges in their life, achieve their goals, manifest the desires of their higher self, attain awareness of their soul purpose, release what does not serve and stand in their power.

The Life Mentorship Program moves beyond the Wellness Sessions into a dedicated healing and support system to assist you in breaking unhealthy patterns, release limitations, get through challenges in life, achieve your goals, and manifest the desires of your higher self. The Program starts with a Life Overview Wellness Session and there after, weekly one hour sessions with Betsy are conducted. Within the one hour sessions Betsy will go over your current experiences, challenges, and achievements where she will utilize her gifts of receiving messages from Spirit to guide you. Depending on the client, during the one hour sessions, astrological charts, chakra personality identification, energetic cord cutting / chain breaking, guided meditations, and other tools may be used for energy release and attainment of information to direct you to living your highest and best life.

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