About Betsy Sharp

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About Betsy Sharp

Betsy has a Biochemistry / Biotechnology & Molecular Biology degree with a minor in Animal Science from Michigan State University. She is also a certified Spiritual Medium through James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts. She has all of the clair senses and was born with the gift of receiving healing messages for others from Spirit. The main ways that Betsy receives messages are through her clair abilities of claircognizance (clear knowing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairsentience (clear physical feeling), and clairempathy (clear emotional feeling).

Betsy continues to keep up on the growing knowledge of metaphysics, spirituality, and science. She regularly takes part in conferences, classes, retreats, and spiritual pilgrimages to enhance her natural gifts and abilities as well as continually gain further knowledge to serve others to her highest and best.

Betsy maintains a clean vessel by eating vegan / organic / no refined sugar, not using any stimulants or pharmaceuticals, and strives for a completely chemical free way of living. Spirit has relayed to Betsy that a clean vessel of this sort is to assist in maintaining her high vibrational energy as well as a strong and clean auric field. Betsy also exercises her mind, body, and soul regularly through meditation, yoga, and continual education. A practice of self-care is also important to maintain a healthy vessel for her energetic work.

Betsy enjoys adventure, creating art, hiking, skiing, scuba diving, and taking in different cultures through traveling. She has a beautiful 3 year old daughter and lives in the foothills of Colorado.


Each person has their own unique journey, gifts, soul lessons, and perspective in this lifetime. Sometimes loving guidance from Spirit is all that is needed to get through challenges in life, find movement and direction when stuck, and move past physical and emotional pain into a place of healing and peace. Remember you must take care of yourself in order to give loving care and support to others, Sharp Wellness is here to be of service to you for your highest good.

Next Steps...

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