Wellness Service Offerings


Sharp Wellness believes...

Each person has their own unique journey, gifts, soul lessons, and perspective in this lifetime. Sometimes loving guidance from Spirit is all that is needed to get through challenges in life, find movement and direction when stuck, and move past physical and emotional pain into a place of healing and peace. Remember you must take care of yourself in order to give loving care and support to others, Sharp Wellness is here to be of service to your highest good.

What is right for you?

Sharp Wellness offers Mediumship Readings, Reiki Healing Sessions, Wellness Sessions, and a Life Mentorship Program that utilizes Betsy Sharp’s Lightworker gifts. Betsy is a healer, Medical Medium, and Medium who receives healing messages from Spirit to assist clients through current emotional and physical challenges in life, achieve their goals, manifest the desires of their higher self and uncover their Soul purpose.


Mediumship Reading details (cost $127 USD):
Receive messages for your highest and best from loved ones who have crossed-over. Clients tend to find peace, closure, reassurance, freedom, and added joy for life after a Mediumship Reading. Sessions are 50 minutes and can be remote or in-person.


Reiki Healing Session details (cost $115 USD):
Receive a healing treatment through chakra clearing and energizing while Betsy is a conduit of Light / Source and is guided by healing masters, guides, and angels to remove what no longer serves you and fill you with Light. Sessions are good for emotional and physical challenges as well as clearing of others energy that has stayed in your auric field. Sessions are 75 minutes and can be down remotely or in-person. In-person sessions include the use of healing crystals.


One Hour Wellness Session details (cost $111 USD):
Using her gifts of Medical Mediumship and receiving healing messages from Spirit, Betsy will give guidance with three areas chosen by the Client within their life that they would like assistance with.


Life Overview Wellness Session details (cost $248 USD):
Within a Life Overview Wellness Session Betsy uses her gifts of Medical Mediumship and receiving healing messages from Spirit to cover all of the current challenges that the Client is facing in their life. The purpose of the Life Overview Wellness Session is for healing, strengthening, and awakening of the client's heart, mind, body, and soul, to assist them through current emotional and physical challenges in their life, find awareness of their soul purpose, achieve their goals and manifest the desires of their higher self.


Life Mentorship Program details (cost $2,800):
The Life Mentorship Program moves beyond the Wellness Sessions into a dedicated support system and an in-depth look into patterns within the Client’s Soul. The Program starts with a Healing Protocol, Life Overview Wellness Session and there after weekly one hour sessions with Betsy are conducted. Within the one hour sessions Betsy will go over the Client's current experiences, challenges, and achievements where she will utilize her gifts of receiving messages of guidance and support. Depending on the client, astrological charts, chakra personality identification, guided meditations, numerology, and other tools may be used for release and attainment of information to direct the client to where they would like to be in their life.
  • Twelve week program
  • Includes a Healing Protocol, Life Overview Wellness Session
  • Eleven weekly one hour sessions

Next Steps...

Contact Betsy to briefly review her services and discuss if a Wellness Session or Life Mentorship Program would be beneficial to you.