Life Mentorship Program details (cost $4,900 USD):

The Life Mentorship Program moves beyond the Wellness Sessions in to a dedicated healing and support system to assist you in breaking unhealthy patterns, release limitations, get through challenges in life, achieve your goals, and manifest the desires of your higher self. The Program starts with a Life Overview Wellness Session and there after, weekly one hour sessions with Betsy are conducted. Within the one hour sessions Betsy will go over your current experiences, challenges, and achievements where she will utilize her gifts of receiving messages from Spirit to guide you. Depending on the client, during the one hour sessions, astrological charts, chakra personality identification, energetic cord cutting / chain breaking, guided meditations, and other tools may be used for energy release and attainment of information to direct you to living your highest and best life.
The Life Mentorship Program is a twelve week one-on-one program which includes:
  • A Life Overview Wellness Session
  • 11 weekly one hour sessions
  • 11 mid-week check-ins for accountability and support
  • 2 Energy Work Wellness Sessions
  • 1 Biofield Tuning Session
  • 3 Crystal Light Therapy sessions
  • A custom made healing mala to assist with your unique goals

Client testimonial:

"When I decided to do the Life Mentorship Program I was in a place in my life where I was increasingly feeling more isolated and depressed.  In my job and in school, I was in a rut, not taking very good care of myself, and I felt like things were not moving forward for me.  After talking with Betsy, I decided to do the Life Mentorship Program.  I am so grateful I gave that gift to myself.  With Betsy’s help I set reasonable goals for myself and with Betsy always challenging me and her gentle encouragement, I was able to overcome my resistance and achieve them.  Also, between Betsy’s on point intuition and coaching, work got better as well. The job didn’t change, I was just able to deal with it in a better way.  I seemed to deal with the pressure of school as well.  Now, even after the program is over, I am taking care of myself and things are moving forward in my life.  I am amazed at what I was able to achieve in only 12 weeks.  I lost weight, I meditate and exercise every day, and even with the pressures of the job and school, I’m not burning out like I was before the program.  I even eat healthier and that was not a goal of the program, but it is a great side benefit.  The energy work that was included in the program felt great as well.  I highly recommend the Life Mentorship Program to anyone who may feel stuck in their life like I was." -Patrick F.


Next Steps...

Contact Betsy to briefly review her services and discuss if the Life Mentorship Program would be beneficial to you.