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Receive messages for your highest and best from loved ones who have crossed-over. Clients tend to find peace, closure, reassurance, freedom, and added joy for life after a Mediumship Reading. Sessions are 60 minutes and can be remote or in-person.

Mediumship Reading details (cost $333 USD):

Betsy has all of the clair senses and was born with the gifts of Medical Mediumship, Mediumship and receiving healing messages of guidance for others from Spirit. The main ways that she receives messages are through her clair abilities of claircognizance (clear knowing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairsentience (clear physical feeling), and clairempathy (clear emotional feeling).

Betsy recieved her training by James Van Praagh and is a certified Spiritual Medium through the James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts.

Before the Client arrives for their Mediumship Reading, Betsy will run her energy and increase her vibration by connecting to the energy of Mother Earth and the Cosmos for 30-60 minutes. She will continue to run her energy during the entire Reading. As a Medium Betsy naturally has a high vibration and when she increases her vibration further Souls who have crossed over are able to connect and communicate with her by lowering their vibration and matching Betsy's unique "frequency"; they essentially meet in the middle hence the term Medium. Betsy will energetically leave her body while still being present and offer the crossed-over loved ones of the Client to enter and blend with Betsy's energetic body. The Souls then communicate telepathically and through Betsy's chakras by knowingness, words, images, emotional feelings, physical feelings, smells, and tastes. The Souls use Betsy's energy to communicate, this is why it is important for her to continually run her energy while the Reading is taking place.

Once Betsy has blended with a Soul she will telepathically communicate with the Soul to initially receive evidential proof of who the Soul is. Betsy will communicate the messages / responses she receives from the Soul to the Client and will ask if they make sense to the Client. It is important to only respond with "yes", "no", or "I don't know" to Betsy once the Reading has begun because there is a lot going on in what might be perceived as silence to the Client. Once the Client has fully recognized the Soul, Betsy will then deliver messages that the Soul would like to give to the Client.

Next Steps...

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