Release any anger, anxiety, built up energy, emotional trauma, or fear that a child may have and surround them with calmness.

The crystals within this bundle were selected to radiate the healing properties of calmness. Have your child carry the crystal bundle with them. Also, great for putting in your child’s bedroom, backpack, your car, or any place you would like calmness.


The Calmness Crystal Bundle for Kids contains Black Onyx, Blue Chalcedony Agate, Lepidolite, Rose Quartz, and Smoky Quartz. The crystals within this bundle were selected for their healing properties of calmness.

If purchasing for someone else, the packaging is perfect as is for a thoughtful gift.

Tips and FAQs:

  • Yes, you can use different crystal bundles at the same time for your child if wanting the healing properties of multiple bundles.
  • One bundle of a certain focus is appropriate for multiple children within the same area. Example: Two siblings sleep in the same bedroom; only one “Peaceful Sleep” bundle is needed.
  • To fully recharge the crystals healing property energies for one night each month place the bundle(s) on a windowsill or outside under the full moon.