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Receive a channeled message from Spirit every Sunday afternoon for guidance, wisdom, awareness, and inner growth.

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Receive a channeled message from Spirit every Sunday afternoon for guidance, wisdom, awareness, and inner growth.

Messages commonly received from:

  • Archangels

  • Ascended Masters

  • Master Teachers

  • Well known Souls

Below is an example of a message that was received from Archangel Michael:

To take life seriously is to love seriously. Love is really all there is; it is what makes up the fabric of the life you are currently living on this planet as a human. Choose love; choose to emanate it in all you do, as you have this choice. I know that you will have your downs, but try not to judge these moments as good or bad, let them float around you yet not become who you are; you have this choice, my friend. Be not reacting in these times and instead just allow them to be what they be, you allow the vibration to dissipate rather than incubate within. In one scenario, the light is able to fully return and that light will actually be brighter, more intense and powerful. In the secondary scenario, the light is dimmed, is so slightly being blocked as if it where light smoke. Which is it easier to see in, a bright clear vessel or a dimmed and cloudy one? It is easier in this same way to clearly receive guidance from your highest self and from all of your wonderful helpers in the upper dimension of light. You have so many ways to sense guidance, as your senses go beyond the physical 5 that are frequently discussed in your current world. You are not just physical are you? Do you think with your mind, feel with your heart, sense the energy of another person before they talk to you? You have emotions and feelings. You receive in so many ways. So feel the love that is within you and all around you. Go forth in making choices with love, continuing to spread that loving vibration onto yourself and others. Stand in your magnificence, as you are a magnificent creation of the Divine Light, you all are so. Some may be a bit more cloudy than others, but it is all an experience to feel, to sense as a human. Go forth, my child; you are so loved don’t forget that. Loved through all of your moments without judgement of any kind – absolute unconditional love, which we know is hard to fully comprehend in your current state of reality.

With love and many blessings onto you and yours,
Archangel Michael